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24 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Anonymous

    Yes ! what beautiffull places…I will stay longer than 8 days …in three weeks for un certain moment so special in your life !
    I hope your passion will toucht all readers of this site.

    your tween french sister…

  2. Diane Skinner

    Heya, hoping to come to Kenya next month for a visit (I lived there for six years once upon a time). Can you recommend any car hire places that would rent out a reliable 4×4 at not too excessive a cost!? Thanks in advance, Diane

  3. OC

    Hey Kenyan Camper
    Looking to head somewhere next weekend, just two of us, and wanted your advice on where we can maybe set up camp for a night or two. We did Samburu a few weeks ago which was incredible but would love to find somewhere new thats just as beautiful and where we can drive off for Game Drive also. Any ideas? We have Thursday-Saunday off so can easily drive longer distances. Thanks so much. Olivia

  4. Gregg

    Good morning. We just moved to Kenya – we being a family with four children. We are looking for good and affordable places to camp – gets expensive when charged per person.
    Read your blog on Samburu – and we have a three day weekend coming up in late September. Any suggestions on a long weekend camping trip?

    1. thekenyancamper Post author

      Hi Gregg, sorry for the late reply. I always hesitate to recommend places as we all have different interests/experience/logistics etc. What might be good for me might not work for you. You might also want to join the FB group ‘Camping in Kenya’ it’s a great resource. In the meantime if you ever have any SPECIFIC questions just holler, always happy to help if I can.

  5. Anthony Stafford

    Do you have any options for the Maasai Mara National Reserve for affordable authentic camping experience in that area?

  6. Anonymous

    Hey man, great blog. I just moved here and looking forward to Kenyan adventures. Let me know is you wanna do a collab (my Instagram is @tedd_s )

  7. Ilenia


    My husband and I are planning an overland trip through Kenya for the month of March, and were referred to your blog by a Kenyan friend of ours. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and got a lot of helpful tips re: camping around the country.

    I haven’t been able to find a post on camping in East Tsavo – any tips you can provide? We were planning on spending 3 nights in East Tsavo, followed by 2 night in West Tsavo.


    1. thekenyancamper Post author

      Hi Ilenia, I’d be lying if I said I had any info as regards Tsavo East. I was last there a long time ago and I wasn’t camping. However if you search the group Camping in Kenya on FB, there was recently a post on the campsites there that should answer many questions.
      Thank you so much for writing in and hope you have a great trip!

  8. Tim Spruell

    We did a month long road trip and visited/camped in many of the places you write about. Thanks Kenyan Camper for some excellent guidance – you helped us a great deal to see this beautiful country..Keep up the good work Tim UK

    1. thekenyancamper Post author

      Hi Tim, I’m glad the blog could be of some assistance. Should you ever be so inclined feel free to drop me a quick email – I’d like to hear what your experience was.


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