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Marsabit National Park – Northern Kenya (Part 4)

First, apologies for the lateness of this, the fourth and final instalment in what has been one hell of a ride through the Northern reaches of Kenya. A trip came up in between the writing of this article and the previous one so I’ve been a bit turned around and trapped totally tripping over trips in tandem. If you’re late to the party there was Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 previously. But no fear here we are, and it’s fitting that this series ends with one the oldest and most well known of the country’s parks, and yet one of the least visited (because it’s far, quite far.)


Lake Paradise in Gof Sokorte Gudho

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The Cookswell Safari Oven – A Review With A View

Hello again, so you remember I was recently in Amboseli right? Of course you do, its the last article I wrote. On solo camping trips I’m usually reduced to foraging for edible roots and wild berries so it’s always quite a treat to have some good eats. Self – catering accomodation is a great opportunity to flex those cooking muscles no matter how stringy on non-existent they may be.

I’ve known about Cookswell Jikos for sometime now, so Teddy graciously allowed me to pick one up to try out. I’d been very curious about these safari ovens for quite a while and I was stoked to have a chance to finally try one out.

Vegetarians look away now.


The jiko is the one on the left if you were wondering about portability.

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Mount Kasigau – Behind The Scenes

Hello again, as a follow up to my recent article on the the beautiful area of Mount Kasigau, I thought i might give you a little behind-the-scenes look of some of the things i got up to there. There is usually so much more to the areas and people I write about, unfortunately not everything can make it into the articles, and if i told you everything there wouldn’t be any reason for you to visit now would there?

I’ll break it it down into 3 short stories; one is of a man struggling with a failed project, a group of women with mad skills and finally a keeper of a quickly fading history.


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Camping in The Taita Hills – Needle In A Haystack

I am unsure if i should share the fact I drove for 6 hrs over 400km, camped for 2 nights and walked for hours through the Taita Hills to find 3 of Kenya’s treasures that were each about 10 cm long. These are the reasons why you have to be a little bit mad to be a traveller. You need that one screw loose, that one blown fuse, the slight spark of insanity to justify some of the reasons that take you places. But thats just the way travel is, it cannot be separated from the quest of of knowledge; the answer the question  “What is over that next hill?”


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8 Ways To Run A Successful Safari Camp In Africa



Running a successful camp or lodge in Africa is a taxing and trying business by any means. Competition is high, tourist numbers are low and the local population can be pesky and troublesome what with their goats and lack of disposable income.

However after trawling a large cross section of lodge and camp websites in Africa over the past couple of years, according to the rules of the internet I hereby declare myself an expert on this matter and all scribblings here should be treated as gospel. I believe I have come up with a matrix, nay, a financial elixir of sorts that will have you raking in those tourist dollars in no time should you decide to go down this line of business. The points below can be applied both to your marketing and camp in equal measure.

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