Olomayiana Bush Camp – A Labour Of Love

Here’s one of the problems I have with the traditional resort – style offering; I don’t know whether its the massive air – conditioning unit chomping away at energy units, the indulgence of a winding chlorinated pool thats the star of the brochure or buffet tables groaning under the weight of kilos of food that encourage us to serve more than we can possibly finish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking it “different strokes for different folks” and all of that, it’s just so far removed from how we live our normal lives that it’s difficult for me to buy into. Luckily for people like me, we have places like Olomayiana, a place that that wears it’s human-sized heart on it’s sleeve.


Some Background

Olomayiana is a self-catering private home located in the Maparasha Hills in Kajiado County. It is only a  1 1/2 drive from Nairobi (so convenient!) and around 15 minutes away from Il Bisil town, this also makes it a great base for exploring Amboseli. The road until the town is perfect tarmac but getting up to the camp is dodgy in places, 4WD it is.

Every time I’ve visited the camp there’s something new happening. Yolande, the owner says it best, “We keep planning to stop building but new projects come up… someone needs to increase the number of hours in the day.”


The Glass House is a great example of what you’ll find through out this camp, the feeling that it’s a home. Little touches here and there, a lovely sense of style and a homeyness thats difficult to find in a commercial property.


Not captured but the room is totally open to the outdoors with a great view across a gorge.


Bath or shower?

As much as the tub is extremely tempting of course showers are always the way to go to help conserve water, especially in an arid landscape such as this. Water is solar heated to tea-making temps so you have hot water available throughout the day.


Both have a great view.


Daybed on Glass House patio.

Next room is the recently completed Hobbit House.


Pretty obvious where it gets it’s name.

Same as with the previous room, lots of architectural thought and great execution. Hobbit House is self contained as well. I’m hoping for a daybed on the patio to complete this room.

olomayiana-selfcatering-accommodation-kenya56What this rooms little secret?


Star bed…BOOM!

If you need one reason to convince someone to come along with you this is it.


And if you can have a bad nights sleep here nothing can help you.

There are 3 other awesome safari tents available, 1 with a queen bed, 1 with a double bed and one with 4 bunk beds, perfect for the kids or your short friends. All (recently) ensuite, except for the queen bed.

post border Olomaiyana

All rooms come with beddings, towels, toilet paper and shampoo.

The Camp

So are you sold yet? Of course you are but let’s continue. A cosy lounge area for evening chats, Instagrammers rejoice, Wi-Fi is available. The whole camp runs on solar which is always a BIG deal for me. You cannot escape the owners influence everywhere you go in the camp it’s so obvious just how much work has been put in here over time.
olomayiana-selfcatering-accommodation-kenya13Dining area just off the lounge with seating for ten.


Here’s something many self-catering places don’t get right but Olomayiana does; the kitchen. Kitchen’s are an social focal point of any home (see every house party ever), here there is loads of space for too many cooks to spoil the broth. Kitchen is fully equipped with a solar fridge, gas range and oven all you have to bring is your food and other consumables, spices, foil etc. Everything else is provided, and I mean everything.

olomayiana-selfcatering-accommodation-kenya38Kitchen has a lovely view, almost enough to make one want to do the dishes. Almost. Luckily Josephine is on hand to help you out with that. Please note there is no cook available.


Water is safe to drink and there’s a filter on hand.

Pool Area

The weather as it is in Kajiado this where you’ll find yourself spending the most time. There is a small lounge area, pool bar and a gas b-b-q. Afternoon complete.


Out And About

Hikers will love this place as there are some great trails around the 150 acre property, leading to some great sundowner spots (closest is a 15min walk). Ken, the camp manager and aspiring guide will happily accompany you on walks, birders will be especially pleased, dude knows his stuff.

olomayiana-selfcatering-accommodation-kenya62 olomayiana-selfcatering-accommodation-kenya63There are a few horses on the property so if you want to take a ride Victor the syce will accompany on ride of your choice.
olomayiana-selfcatering-accommodation-kenya77Beginners can get a lesson as well in the paddock.



Yes I know some of you as usual have totally ignored all the text above and scrolled down looking for the price. Cost per day is Ksh 6,000 per couple (Ksh 7000 on the weekend) and Ksh 3000 per extra person per night. There is also a small Ksh 2500 cleaning fee and a Ksh 10,000 refundable deposit. Not bad huh? Don’t say I never gave you nothing.

Remember that the camp is taken on an exclusive-use self catering basis.


I haven’t written about the nature part of the camp, so much flora and fauna to explore, but this video by Arno Peeters does it better than I could. SPOILER ALERT: It contains leopard.

In Closing

This is might be the only property I have visited twice, and considering how much I get around that’s saying a lot because  No lie, Olomayiana has me wrapped around it’s little finger, the space is designed with human beings in mind, you never feel overwhelmed and somehow you just ‘fit’ there. For me what’s extra special is seeing the work put in by just your average individuals into properties like these and then opening them up to people like us. Just like I asked you about Amboseli Bush Camp please remember that this is somebody’s home, please let’s respect it as such.

No fuss, no flair just a place to hit ‘recharge’ whether you’re a couple or a couple of families. And for me that’s what’s special about Olomayiana, it sells itself for what it is, no more no less …a home.

If you’d like to experience Olomaiyana contact Yolande through the camps AirBnB page, hope you’ve been working on your rating!





32 thoughts on “Olomayiana Bush Camp – A Labour Of Love

  1. Walter k

    Great home like camp setup in a stunning location. Will definitely add it to my places to see. (Catch up)

  2. Kathy

    Rustic! Just what i like. Thank you for sharing.Question , did you mean cleaning fee of 250ksh and not 2500 ksh?

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  5. Patriick

    Bonjour, un détail m’intrigue, vu le prix de location (bas) : si on est juste 1 couple à ce prix-là on a la maison entière ? (avec les 5 chambres ??). Sinon si c’est partagé, comment fait-on pour choisir sa chambre sur le site airbnb ?

    1. thekenyancamper Post author

      Hi,if things have not changed when you rent you have the whole place to yourself so you can choose wherever you want to sleep!It is good you contact the owner to confirm.


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